UF Cartridge Pack

Residential Water Filters / Filter Cartridges / UF Cartridge Pack

Price: $125.00


Set of three cartridges for the UF4 system contains:

Sediment filter – 5 micron dirt and sediment removal

Carbon block filter – 1 micron Chlorine, chemicals, taste and odour

Carbon/KDF stage 4 filter polishing filter, taste and odour, metals

* Two double o-ring high pressure quick change cartridges.
* Stage four Carbon/KDF polishing filter.
* Easy screw in cartridge change. The easiest filter change ever!


Ultra Filtration membrane can be purchased separately

Approved to standards:
AS/NZS 3497, AS/NZS 4020,
AS/NZS 4348


Filters should last ~ 12 months. Replacement filter pack (one of each type of cartridge)