Omnipure OMB934

Residential Water Filters / Filter Cartridges / Omnipure OMB934

Price: $42.00



The Omnipure OMB934 is the standard against which all other Carbon filter cartridges are measured. 

Premium USA made filter cartridge.

Replaces Pentek CBC10 (now made in China)

Superb reduction of Chlorine, VOCs, Pesticides, Hazardous Chemicals, Odour removal and Taste Improvement. Giardia and Cryptosporidium reduction.

0.5 micron (nominal) filtration.

Sintered Carbon technology allows better flow and more effective filtration. 

- Low pressure drop, high dirt holding capacity, durable physical strength, and steady flow to achieve reliable performance & long life.

- Cartridges are manufactured in compliance with NSF and FDA requirement for materials and processing.

- Appropriate for residential, commercial and industrial applications with standard NPT DOE caps.

- ANSI/NSF53 Compliance

- Alternative to KX Matrix Pb1 / CeramiKX, Pentair CBR2,  Aquapure CB1, CBC10
lifespan up to 20,000 litres


250 mm long fits most standard housings
63 mm wide
internal hole 27 mm diameter
8 litres per minute flow