Omnipure USA K5567 filter system

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Price: $165.90


One micron Giardia safe filter.

Made in the USA, one of the finest filter/purifiers on the market today.

Get the 'Platinum Faucet' upgrade for free! 

An ideal under sink filter unit, this system gives you multi stage treatment to remove or reduce: Chlorine,
Metals (aluminium, chromium, lead, mercury and others).
Giardia and Cryptosporidium removal.

Great taste and odour removal.

Have great tasting water for cents a litre.

Normal filter life 24 months approx filter life

Easy install push-fit fittings

These filter units are designed to connect to the cold inlet hose of a modern lever mixer tap. If you have any other tap & plumbing arrangement in the kitchen cupboard, let me know and I will include the appropriate fitting for copper pipe, plastic pipe or dishwasher tap.